Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He's Gone...

Well 19 years of work has lead up to a wonderful blessing for my best friend Garret Brendlinger.

Garret and I met my senior year of high school when he moved to Bend from Tracy, Califorina. We were pretty awesome friends from the least I'd like to think so but honestly we weren't really good friends because I was dating Vince so we all know what I was like then... yuck. So Garret and I were in choir together and we spent a lot of time together because he was one of the few Mormon kids in my age group. At the end of the school year we went our separate ways. I moved to Provo and he stayed in Bend before starting school in the Fall at BYU-Idaho. I don't remember what our relationship was like over the summer but in the Fall we grew closer to each other. I visited him a few times up there and we pretty much because best friends....over text because we never saw each other. I saw him 3 times when he was in Idaho and it was awesome to be able to see him. We spent plenty of times time we sat there and talked (yes just talked) for 12 hours. That's a long conversation right? Well Garret left Idaho and I stayed in Provo. I've gone back home a couple times since he's been home to visit but we still talked almost every day through texts and occasional phone calls. One day Garret and I made a list of everything we have in was a pretty long list just a few...Birthday (his is july 16 mine the 17) glasses prescription, family placement, and how ironic that I can't think of any others...but trust me there are some. He thought we were so alike that we were "Soul Brother and Sister" :-) Awesome right? One day when my roommate found out how close our birthday's are and she said "Adrienne you two are meant to be friends...You guys were so close in heaven that you couldn't be seperated on earth. You had to leave as soon as soon as you could!" So pretty much we're awesome best friends. We tell each other everything and we aren't afraid of hurting feelings because we have the understanding that we don't mean to be mean. I hope that while he's gone I will be able to survive without a best friend like him. And i really hope when he gets back we can pick up where we left off.

Bottom line is... my best friend is leaving for two years to a mission where I won't have the pleasure of writing him...Provo, Utah. I'm way sad that he's leaving. Right now I feel extremely broken up because I'm sad that he's gone but so happy that he did it. There were a few trials along the way but in the end he made it and now he's less than an hour he'll be pulling up to the MTC. He just barely called me and said "Well....I just wanted to say hi...and bye..." then we had a short 2 minute conversation and he said "well hurry and hang up before this gets awkward" :-) what a funny person he is.

Garret will be an amazing missionary.
I love you Soul Brother :-)

One of my Idaho Trips.

Last time I saw him...

Same day...different restaurant...I made him a missionary bear named GarBear for Christmas

Well the real Garret will be here in just half an hour. :-)

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Dahlia said...

So funny that he's going to serve in Provo! He's a cutie!