Saturday, May 1, 2010

Utah Bucket List

Well this was inspired by Jourdan's new roommate and my friend Jen but seriously why haven't I ever actually written down the things I want to do while I'm here? There's so much to do in Utah and I know I still have a couple years here but I want to do this stuff before I leave. :-) Most of it over the summer on the weekends and such. I'm kinda excited

1) Go to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens- I hear they're beautiful but I've never gone. I wish I had gone to the tulip festival but I didn't.

2) Go to "This is the Place" and the pioneer village- I've gone to this is the place but only when I was younger.

3) Throw a sweet party with a sweet theme...Pretty much going to be Jourdan Satterfield's birthday party.

4) Volunteer at the Hogle Zoo I've always loved animals and for a while I wanted to be a marine biologist now I have no idea what I want to be. But I think it would be so fun to volunteer there.

5) Utah Museum of Fine Arts Why haven't I gone? With my parents at my parents you think I would have gone by now...but no.

6) Clark Planetarium.... I will be in an astronomy class this summer so I may go here on a field trip (which would be way nice) but I want to go.

7) Living Planet Aquarium no aquarium has ever met my expectations because of the Point Defiance Zoo but why not give it a try?

8) Salt Lake County Fair- I went last year and it was a pretty decent fair. Next time I would defiantly give myself more time Plus we saw David Archuleta last time.... :-)

9) Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient Life Every time I drive by it I always want to go but I never have

10) Go to Lake Powell

11) Take a weekend vacation to Park City

12) Governor's Mansion- free tours on T, TH from 2-4 June-August. 603 E. South Temple

13) Go to Moab and see the arches


15) Music and the Spoken Word... it's at 9 am every Sunday, so solution...stay at Jourdan's Saturday night and go to it on Sunday then book it back to Provo for my ward. :-)

16) Climb the Y. Tried it last year...nearly died. Jourdan and I have an understanding and we know that if we take it slow we can do it. :-) No boys allowed on this one.

17) Take more friends to Temple Square

18) Go to the Great Salt Lake

19) Go to Antelope Island

20) Salt Flats.... I've heard it's an awesome place to go

21) Attend very temple in Utah while living here.... that means I have to hit up:

Jordan River
Mt. Timpanogas
St. George

and if I'm still here Brigham City and Payson

22) Go see Ballet West my family saw ballets when I was a kid but I haven't gone since then and I'd love to see it since I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy it more now. I'd love to see one I've already seen

23) Go to the SCERA and see one of their plays

24) Go to Lagoon I know I've gone before but I want to face my roller coaster fear and ride...most of them

25) Zions National Park I've had so many friends go and hike around camp whatever and I've never gone but it looks BEAUTIFUL and I really want to go!

26) Heber Railroad I've never been on a train and how fun would it be to go on the murder mystery train or the polar express train! SO FUN

27) Bryce Canyon I know I have tons of hiking and stuff and my body isn't hike worthy but LETS MAKE IT!

28) Tour Welfare Square... I went before I lived here...well before I lived here for college and I wanted to go way bad with my FHE family but we never did :-(

29) LAS VEGAS I know this isn't in Utah but there is so much to do there and it just looks like a ton of fun. I haven't gone since I was 11 and I really want to. Close fun Vacation!

30) Tubing down the Provo River

31) Zipline I've done it at Snowbird but it was a short one...and it's a good way to get over a fear of heights...if you live...

32) Go to the Olympic Park in Park City

33) Spend a day at Snowbird (This may work for number 31 too...)

Feel free to invite yourself on any of my adventures. :-)


Dahlia said...

Can I come to your adventures? I'd love to do just about everything you mentioned on your list!!! Maybe we could do one a week or more! Sweet. Who knew provo could be so un-boring?!

passion1029 said...

Love your list, I'll be stealing most for mine. I have my own personal one but I wanted one just for Utah.Good Job