Sunday, August 8, 2010


Wow, it has been such a long time since I've written a blog. I need to catch everyone up on my life!
Well pretty much school is school. Write papers go to class be extremely bored drive home lovely stuff goin on there. I have a great friend that goes to the BC with me that I actually just met this semester. His name is Rob. He's become my favorite person lately. We call each other "BC Besties" Yeah stop laughing. He's actually awesome great friend I got there. :-) We actually met in my IT class, Jourdan and I got there a little bit late so there were no chairs...well there were chairs just none next to each other. So Rob moved over and let us sit by each other. Then he creepily added us on Facebook... then we became BC Besties. The end. Great story.
Um in other news... I QUIT KARAS! Wooo! I now work at Utah Valley Pediatrics. I'm loving it. I work with Jamie, my roommate. And we are receptionists along with 4 other lovely people. It's been great for me. I work a lot more, normal hours too so I have an actual schedule.
Okay so a lot of other things have happened and if I ever get in gear I'll post individual blogs about the cool things I've done this Summer. But I just wanted to share this cute quote that I saw yesterday. "Missionary: Someone who leaves their family for a short period of time so that others can be with their families for eternity" It made me feel a lot better about Garret and all my other missionary friends that I am currently missing. They are only gone from us for a short time. And they are blessing others with the great blessing of being able to be sealed to their families for eternity.


Lauren said...

I like that quote :-)

Melissa said...

Glad to see up back here! I'm glad you like your new job and that you have had some fun this summer. Love ya!

Dahlia said...

Cool job! I should totally bring Clay to your clinic. Can you check to see if they accept CHIP insurance? That would be awesome if they did! Then I could see you more often! Good missionary quote! I'd like to meet this creepy rob fellow, unless he's not going to be around much. LOL I hope you have a great rest of your summer!

Rachel said...

I'm so happy about your new job! And good luck with your finals! I hope to see you some time in September, or General Conference weekend for sure!