Monday, August 30, 2010

Mind Games

So I did this crazy diet and I lost a bunch of weight but yesterday I was realizing no matter how much the scale goes down everyday it bugs me that I get on the scale. I used to not care like I'd go running or do what I want to lose weight not starve myself but standing on a scale everyday made me very depressed. It made me feel guilty when I ate a bite of something not on the restricted diet and if I ate something not on that list I had a strong urge to throw it up (don't worry I didn't) But I'd never really felt that way about my body. Yeah I was depressed because other girls got the attention sometimes but overall I was happy. And so to those who do crazy diets, don't. They totally mess with you. Don't weigh yourself every day. It gets you in a very unhealthy mentality. Just be happy with what God gave you and perfect it in healthy ways.


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I agree that it's all about being healthy!