Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boy Crazy???

So usually I'm not boy crazy but occasionally I can be... and apparently right now is one of those times. Jamie and I spent the day together and we were just talking about things that would be so fun to do and then we decided they'd be way more fun to do with boyfriends... too bad neither of us have one... But that's just a one day get boyfriends...

"Things To Do With Our (Tentative) Boyfriends This Summer"
(Or alone if the whole boy thing doesn't work out for us....)
1. Snowbird Day- All Day Pass
2. Hike Bridal Veil Falls
3. Go to Dairy Keen
4. Hike Stuart Falls
5. Road Trip to California Coast
6. Go to Jamie's Cabin
7.Complete Kissing List (It's a list Jourdan and I made last year when I was boy crazy...about the same time...huh maybe it's just the winter)
8. Go Boating
9. Sing "Stargazing" Together (By Double or Nothing)
10. Go to Lagoon
11. Go to 7 Peaks
12. Squaw Peak (To look at the pretties not to kiss....maybe a little ha kidding) <--Give us a break we were driving through the canyon
13. Go Shooting

Kissing List
Remember this was made when I was tired...and it's just funny...not too serious...okay maybe a little.

1. Under Mistletoe
2. Elevator
3. Staircase
4. In the snow
5. In the rain
6. In a hot tub
7. Tire swing
8. Closet
9. Beach at night
10. Standing in the middle of the road
11. Sitting on the counter
12. Sitting on a desk
13. In a swivel chair
14. Love Sac
15. Sitting on the trunk of a car
16. Temple Square
17. In the fountain at Gateway
18. New Years Midnight
19. Under a waterfall
20. On a boat
21. Underwater
22. On a balcony
23. On a horse
24. Upside down
25. On a pool table
26. Under fireworks (harder for me since I'm afraid of them...)

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Dahlia said...

If you don't have a boy friend (however unlikely that is because you are bea-utiful!!!) Can I go do some of that fun stuff with you??? Maybe not the kissing things, but hiking I can do!
By the way that picture is awesome! You're so pretty! Squee!