Monday, April 11, 2011

Hymns Are Truly Inspired.

So we had our musical fireside in our stake a few weeks ago and it was amazing. The spirit that was felt was AWESOME. Ryan Murphy's talk was great and the musical numbers were good too. It was such a blessing that it all worked out especially with the apathy of the people putting it together. (me) But attending it was wonderful.
One of the things mentioned that night was whether or not you've ever teared up during a hymn. Have you ever started singing it then you got choked up from the spirit and singing it just doesn't work out for you anymore and all you can do is think about the words. This happened not only that night when we were singing this WONDERFUL version of the Spirit of God that Garrett has put together with the Orchestra but again yesterday while I was in church. We were singing the Sacrament Hymn "There is a Green Hill Far Away" It's a song we sing quite often and I listen to quite often since it's one of Stephen Nelson's but for some reason yesterday it was perfect for me. There are amazing words in that song. "We may not know, we cannot tell what pains he had to bear. But we believe it was for us he hung and suffered there." We don't know what he went through but it was for us. He felt the pain we feel. He felt the physical, emotional, mental pain we feel. All the times my knee has hurt, he felt that. When I get a headache, he felt that too. The pain I get when I sin, he felt that. He felt it for all of us. There's not reason for us to go through it again. The line that really hit home though was the last one, "Trust in his redeeming blood, and try his works to do." He did all of this for us. He created the earth, he made who we are, we are made after him we need to trust him and trust that he died for us and he took our pains upon him and then do his work. We need to "TRY" to follow his example and do what he has taught us. They used the word try I think because there is no way we can just all magically be perfect. We have to try and strive to do what he would want us to do and trust in the Lord.

This probably made no sense or very little sense but I don't have my journal here in Oregon with me so you get to read my thoughts...