Monday, April 25, 2011


So I haven't posted for a while mostly because I haven't had much to post about. About 2.5 weeks ago I went home which was really nice to get away from the daily grind but still really hard. I sat in on Mom's sunbeam class while Wendy taught and it was so great. I loved being in primary...although I really don't remember the songs! Oh no! The little children were so smart and they knew all the answers and they were so sweet and kind. Darling little children (don't worry I'm not baby hungry... my job keeps me from ever wanting my own children to deal with) I loved being home and spending time with Jessica Hacker! She really is my best friend and I love her. She's amazing. I wish we lived closer!
I came back to Provo and I moved 4 days later! I now live in Orem. I'm living with a coworker in an apartment her parents own. It's really nice and I like it and the rent is way better than what I was paying at Branbury... and I think the apartment is nicer quality. I really like it and her! She's great. Her name is Megan. She served a mission in Chile and has her masters in Music from BYU. She plays violin. I don't know she's just a great girl and so far we get along great. I do miss Jamie though. We had some fun times... I miss Anna too... and Gabs...but anyway...
New apartment is great. New ward should be good. I'm excited to see how life pans out now.

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