Thursday, June 23, 2011

I have been a slacker

So it's been a long time since I've posted a blog... So here's another update...

I am still living with Megan and it's a blast. I do really miss Jamie and Anna but living with Megan is a new experience...and it's been nice. Megan is engaged and so it's fun talking wedding with her.

I am still working full time at UVP and decently loving it haha No I like it I just wish I could spend time time outside of the office during the summer.

My friend Kelsey Eakle from Summit moved to Provo and we hang out all the time. It's really fun. We decided to live together in the fall and we have a cute little house south east of campus that we will be sharing with 3 other girls. We saw it and immediately fell in love. (however we were quite broken down from all the loser houses/condo/apartments we had seen before this one)

I still get headaches. EVERY DAY. Okay not EVERY DAY but it feels like it sometimes. I noticed earlier this week that I hadn't gotten one for a few days but I've had a migraine now for 6 hours making up the lack of headache I had before. I've been seeing the neurologist and they haven't found anything they can say "this is why you get headaches" yet which super sucks...I mostly just feel like they don't know what they're doing and I wish someone somewhere had the answer. I've spent too much money on this already (upwards of $500 AFTER insurance and I'm a poor college kid...) I have had an MRI, 2 sleep studies, like 3 different pills that were supposed to help me and blood work. So far nothing. Well they found that I do have sleep apnea (which everyone says is because I'm overweight, thank you doctor I know I'm fat I'm working on it...) But the apnea wasn't bad enough to need a CPAP machine. But don't worry I got to sleep with one when I did my sleep study. I am just so sick of doctors. My most recent fun with them was "You have high blood pressure" (because you're overweight) So they put me on blood pressure medication. I just said okay and took it because other people in my family have high blood pressure too... So I started taking it Sunday night and Monday I was super lethargic, I had chest pain, I was just too tired to function (but still went to work) so I had one of the nurses check my blood pressure and it was down to 92/64... I was a little worried because if I had really had high blood pressure before this was a rapid decrease and probably not healthy. I called the office and talked to them about it and I had never had really high blood pressure... I talked to one of the doctors at my office and he told me he wouldn't have prescribed me a pill for it he would have just had me exercise and diet (okay I don't know why people think I am just a lazy person that eats TONS of junk because I'm not...) But back to the point... I stopped taking the blood pressure meds because I couldn't deal the side effects. So my doctor FINALLY called me back Wednesday to talk to me about what to do...cut the pills in half blah blah blah so now I'm trying this out and we'll see how it goes from here. Basically, I'm over doctors and I am so so so ready to just have a new brain that doesn't get headaches.

Um nothing else really new or exciting.... I spend my life in an office surranded by screaming kids and when I'm not there I'm at my apartment or with Kelsey or Lauren but I don't do much else...

Kurt comes home in a 2 months, Garret 6, Jeremy 8, Nick... well a lot longer :-) Just starting the count downs. :-)

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