Sunday, June 26, 2011

Remember the Loaves and Fishes.

So I was just sitting here thinking about making dinner tonight and how I have no idea what to make and then I started thinking about a dinner in Oregon...

First off let me tell you, my mom has an amazing testimony. She serves everyone and loves everyone and it's just awesome, she's amazing. Soo anyway, one Sunday when we were staying at our Sunriver house we had unexpected guests come around dinner time. Carmen and I were assigned to make dinner that night and it was almost done but we hadn't made quite enough for everyone if we included the 4 people that showed up. I was kinda worried (and hungry) so I was complaining to my mom. what are we going to do? blah blah blah. My mom said "Remember the loaves and fishes." Really mom ya wanna hit me with doctrine right now? Psh whatever. So we finish cooking and invite the 4 extras to join us for dinner. To my surprise we had left overs... Yeah... for the amount of food I made we shouldn't have had left overs (especially if you've seen how my family eats) But I just remembered that and it made me realize I have an amazing mother. And when extra people show up at dinner time, remember the loaves and fishes because you will be blessed in your own way if you help them.

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Lauren said...

Good story! Glad you documented it.