Sunday, October 16, 2011

Catch Up

I don't know why I'm not good at keeping up on my blog but oh well just another time for catch up. (also I must be really tired because I just tried to spell catch katch...)

So I moved out of Megan's apartment because she got married. Yay her! So I moved into a house south east of campus and moved out 3 days later because the girls there had alcohol and cats and I didn't want to be around either of those so I moved back in with Megan for a few days (before she was married) and then I found an awesome apartment/townhome/condo south of campus off of 700 east. It's pretty great. It's big and I'm paying less than I've paid anywhere else. There are four girls here and 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. It's called OakPointe. We have 2 living rooms W/D decent kitchen TONS of storage. So I mostly like living here.

I'm back at good ol' LDSBC... This semester is one of the more difficult ones I've had. English, Public Speaking, Entrepreneurship, BoM, and Mission Prep. It's not that the classes are more difficult, it's just that I have homework and I have to do it. I can't just pretend to do the reading or the homework anymore and still get good grades. The best part about school though is that Beth, Rob and Jourdan are there. It's nice having friends at school so I have people to hang out with on my breaks and carpool with, and make fun of people dancing in the commons with. The best change about LDSBC this year is they now have a dance class Tues/Thurs from 130-? (at least 5) They have Latin Dance and HipHop, they used to have Swing but I haven't seen it lately. It's incredibly funny to watch. I am not a great dancer so props to them for having the guts to bust a move in front of half the student body but still... it's very entertaining watching little white girls that grew up doing ballet try to HipHop dance. One day I'll take a video and post it, that's how funny it is.

The most exciting recent news is Kurt is home! Kurt is my friend from Oregon that moved to Lindon and then got his mission call to Oregon. (I'm bad luck for my friends, first Kurt got his Oregon call then Garret got his Provo call...oops) I went to Kurt's homecoming last weekend and it was really cool to hear him speak and see how different he is. I haven't been able to see him much because of school and work but it's exciting to have another friend back. Only 2 more months before Garret is back and 4 until Jeremy is back!

Other than that life is the same, I'm working and going to school then working and going to school then working then having a day to rest then working then going to school blah blah.


Dahlia said...

Awesome with the schooling. I actually kind of miss it now. It was a schedule that kept me busy and doing good stuff. Sounds like you got a lot of boys coming home! YAY! Now if only they would come to Provo for school! :)

Melissa said...

Adrienne I'm so glad you love your new place cause I love you! I miss your face so maybe you should come see me :)