Monday, October 17, 2011

It feels like Fathers Day today

In my Entrepreneurship class this semester we were just assigned to read this article I'll be honest I skimmed it at first but I kept reading and I started crying... Yeah... kinda dumb and emotional right now apparently. But I was reading over his family rules and what he went through and it reminded me of my dad and what he did for our family when I was younger. My dad was the guy I saw on the weekends and talked to on the phone. He was the guy my mom would lock herself in the bathroom to talk to for what felt like hours on end. (Many funny stories about that) I remember greeting him at the stairs when he came home and always wanting to be the first to hug him. He gave up a lot for us kids when we were younger. He wasn't at all our recitals or practices and I know it was hard on him but I'm glad that I have him now. I love my dad he's amazing!


Lauren said...

Um. I want to hear the funny stories about mom locking herself in the bathroom to talk to dad.

Dahlia said...

Your dad is Awesome! ;)