Thursday, February 23, 2012

It was a good day

This past weekend was quite emotionally draining for me. (I'll probably give you details another time) So I have been dreading school and work and being around people because as I learned in my Philosophy/Critical thinking/who knows what we are supposed to be learning class I am an introvert and I can be around people but I need to be alone to recharge my batteries. Anyway so yesterday I went to work and I was training an extern we had which was not something I wanted to be doing but it was fine she was a lovely woman and we got along and laughed the whole day. I felt like I was talking A LOT to the point that my face was hurting. Haha weird...? But my FAVORITE mom came in. Oh my gosh it made me so happy to see her. This time she brought me chocolate too. She was handing it to me and said "If you tell me you're allergic to chocolate I don't know what I'll do." But it was funny she just wanted to tell me how amazing I am. Then she talked about how her sons are healthy so she won't be coming for a while and how she was sad. We talked about ways to get them sick so she'll have to come back :) I told her a simpler solution would have been for her to have children 4 years earlier. Her oldest is 18 and she was trying so hard to convince me to date him telling me he doesn't look 18, he doesn't go to the pediatrics doctor anymore haha but she is such a great woman and I hope she comes around more. Good news is she has 3 more years until her youngest is 18 so I have three more years of seeing her.

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