Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catch up...AGAIN

Well a lot has happened since I promised to blog last.... Oh my life has been a whirlwind of crazy. But I'm loving it. I thought when I graduated my life would be boring and easy. Haha yeah right.
Right after graduation I had the BEST most fun opportunity I've ever had... maybe that's an exaggeration but it was REALLY really REALLLLLLY fun! I went to Disneyland with Lauren, Carmen, Mom and Aidan. It was a great trip. If you want to read details on the trip I'll just direct you to Lauren's blog.... it was really fun we ended up staying across the street from Disneyland which was totally worth it and made it so much easier to nap... which I feel like we did a lot.... If you have a child around 20 months I think that is a great time to bring them to Disneyland. Aidan doesn't watch TV so we didn't know if he would enjoy the characters and things like that and who knows if he really did but he did enjoy the rides and every new thing he saw got an adorable cute Ethan-faced reaction.

This is an Ethan face

Alright so after Disney I came home and started working full time. Now that I'm graduated I'm working TWO jobs. Yeah that's right. I'm working at Kara's whenever people need a shift covered and I'm still working at UVP. It's been fun though being able to have a chill job where I can just relax and enjoy. Kara's is really such a great job (they just don't give you enough hours OR pay you nearly enough to deal with all the children...) But I love it. I love standing in the mall and people watching. I'm a creep what can I say.  

Um... Other than work I've been pretty busy with dates. (WHAT?!) yeah that's right I've been going on date. How did that happen you ask? WELLLLL basically I made a COMPLETE fool of myself in front of this guy and then made it EXTREMELY obvious to him that if he called I would say yes to a date. 2 and a half weeks later (I say that like it's a long time but I know it's not) we're still seeing each other and we just laugh at how much of an idiot I was and how scared he was to ask me out. It's hard to balance wanting to spend all my free time with him, seeing my friends, working and sleeping... sleeping has been quite neglected lately which is SUPER bad because then I just get super grouchy and angry and no one wants to be my friend. 

I don't know what else to tell you soooo time for pictures? okay and these are in no particular order hahaha
We did service with our stake. We took our ALL the flowers on temple square (bad day for any brides...) 

I invited Sarah since it felt like a once in a lifetime experience 

We ended up matching without trying.
In order left to right  Me, Jenny (roommate), Melanie (neighbor), Jessie (roommate), Sarah (bff) 

11 years and counting! 

After the service project Brandon and I went on a double date to Lehi Trafalga with Brendon and Dahlia
(yeah the name similarities are always getting annoying...) 

Britni moved out :(
She got her mission call to Baton Rouge Louisiana Spanish Speaking
Departure date is July 11 but she wanted to go spend time with family before so we had to say goodbye 

I've been craving some gooey cookies lately. SO I had the idea of making them in a muffin tin. BEST IDEA EVER! 

To top off our cookies we MAY have had some toffee ice cream

My best friend had her first baby. Look at little Boston Charles Wilson (BC Baby!) 

This is one of my favorite pictures from Disney.
 It was right before we had to say bye to mom and Carmen.

So Aidan took a picture of himself. I think he's a future photographer. 

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Lauren said...

I want a cookie muffin and toffee ice cream...
Also, I laughed outloud like 3 times while reading this. Good work!