Saturday, June 14, 2014

Exciting news!!!

Marrying Robert has brought many opportunities into my life. It has been a wonderful time. Full of emotions, marriage is hard people. BUT what I have learned in my short period of marriage is, it is completely worth it. I love having someone to rely on when I am too emotional to make a rash decision. I love being able to bounce my ideas off of someone who will give me an honest loving opinion.

Together we have been able to build his EnkeDinkyDoo business. It is so awesome to be able to help him do something he enjoys plus he is AMAZING at it. (also look at instagram #enkedinkydoo) He is now twisting Monday nights at Texas Roadhouse in Lehi and Wednesday nights at Yogurt Bliss in Pleasant Grove.

Together we have been able to build relationships with his musician Origa. She came to our wedding and wrote and sang a song she wrote for us. She has also opened doors for us. Since we are her managers now we both have the opportunity to travel with her. We have been given the opportunity to go to Frankfurt in July for her performance.
Origa performing her song at our wedding
Together we have been able to find jobs where we can both grown and thrive. Robert is working at a call center and I am working at a pharmacy billing center. Robert has been offered extra hours, already received a raise and this week they decided he can work there full time. (He was originally hired for 4 hours a day) They are also great because they work with his schedule for EnkeDinkyDoo and my school hours so it is easier for us to carpool. I started my job Thursday after interviewing Wednesday and being offered the job on the spot. Thursday they had me watch for a couple hours then had me working on my own. After working on my own all Friday they told me I'm moving somewhere else Monday because I'm too good at what they had me doing so they think I'll be able to do things others find more difficult. I'm really excited about it.

Together we have been able to find our stance on things. We were able to volunteer at the Pride festival in SLC. It was a great experience, we both got hit on quite a bit and it made me miss my GBF Kyle.

I love our little family! It is wonderful. I love Robert and I'm so glad I get him forever.

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