Monday, July 4, 2011

Stadium of Fire x2

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Stadium of fire with some of my friends. I really wasn't that excited for it because I'm not crazy obsessed with David Archuleta (anymore) and I really had no idea who Brad Paisley was (but afterwords I realized one of the few country songs I enjoy is a Brad Paisley's called "then")


So we (Jamie, Kyle and I) went to Jamie's house for a BBQ with her lovely family. It was quite a blast. So funny we laughed more than we ate. Then we drove back to good ol' Provo and walked from Branbury to Stadium of Fire. We took quite some time finding our seats (that's what happens when you have directionally challenged people leading) but we made it there and we enjoyed some David and Brad.

After, we didn't want to deal with traffic so we stayed for the Dance Party. That was where the real fun began. It was exciting. I saw some friends from Raintree and partied with them. Then our night was over and Kyle was brought home. Overall a great day and a wonderful night.

Somewhere, my parent's theme song.

The show started with Katy Perry

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Erin said...

Independence day is my favorite holiday. I love fireworks and food, the best combo. I love reading your blog, cousin, you have such a strong testimony it is really refreshing and you have grown up so much in the past few years. It is fun to see (read).
Have a good summer!