Sunday, April 29, 2012


Soooo funny story. Went to Ward Prayer
(for those of you who have never experienced it the entire ward, or anyone that wants to show up, go to a designated spot they have a spiritual thought, pray and have awkward mingling.) 
So there is a boy in my ward who I have known since I first moved out here and he is funny and just teases in a nice older brother way. His name is Andrew. We were introducing ourselves just like they make you do for the first two months of each semester, "My name's ____ I'm from ____" We're going around the circle and then a late comer comes and stands in between Andrew and me and says "uh what are we doing" I told him "name where you're from" He tells us and then Andrew says "and your best feature." Everyone in the circle stands around like we have been doing that all along and late comer is thinking late comer was super attractive and knows it He doesn't say anything for a few seconds so Andrew says "Adrienne what's his best feature?" I'm put on the spot and say "Uh.... I don't know........(awkward silence from the ward) nothing really jumps out at me" The whole ward goes "ohhhhhhh" I felt extremely rude all of a sudden but it was a joke and he knows it was a joke. After ward prayer was over Andrew said "okay now really what's his best feature" and I'd been thinking this whole time to come up with something maybe non creepy to say to compliment him and what did I come up with..... wait for it....
"He has a great hairline" 

I'm going to be single forever

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Dahlia said...

Hey if he doesn't have a sense of humor than he isn't the guy to go for! LOL

You're awesome!