Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Times

Well it's school season again. Well I've been going to school since May but it's time for new classes. New classes and new teachers. Unfortunately I have a slight feeling that these will be a lot harder. Already I have homework. But lets rewind.
Thursday was my first day of new classes.....Math. YUCK! Well It's years since I took math. My last math class was Statistics my Junior year. Yeah so this should be interesting. but at the same time i'm pretty sure I'll do fine... Our class on Wednesday was Geometry. So hopefully it stays nice and easy. I don't remember if I did proofs in Alg2/Trig or Geometry and those were the hardest things ever so I hope I don't have to do those. But oh my gosh let me just say math teachers are WEIRD! My teacher I felt like he had no idea what he was talking about. Yeah he added everything up in his head really fast and that was cool but when we were just talking oh my gosh he drove me CRAZY! We were introducing ourselves and he was like pausing and thinking for like a minute after everyone. It was strange. Very very strange. The whole time I was thinking....if I didn't know you were a math teacher I'd consider you a creeper. But seriously I will not be going to him for math help. He gives me the heebie jeebies.
Friday is a nice day because I get to sleep in till 11 if I want. :-) But I have anthropology that day. My teacher is from England and all over Africa. She specialized in Medical Anthropology. She's cool but she talks really slow and kinda boring. Doesn't really engage the class. After Antro I have Government. Oh my gosh this teacher really drove me insane. He shouted so loud the whole class. I felt like I was going to die. I got a headache. It was bad. an dI feel like I will learn nothing from him because he's not that great of a teacher so far. I know that I'm judging early but ugh not really feeling him.
So that's my school life. Other than that I havne't been up to much. It was just Kennedy's birthday so we went to see 17 Again in the dollar theater. it was SUPER fun. Zac Efron oh baby so attractive.
I also got to see the Proposal. Oh my gosh such a great movie. And there isn't really anything dirty. It's an amazing movie. Like from watching the preview you think "that looks funny" but they don't even show the funniest parts! It's an amazing movie. It's a movie you can take your mother to and not feel bad...Ok Mom don't take Mima she wouldn't like it....this is my favorite part which is probably also the dirtiest part...haha

Now for the randoms:
I'm super excited! Carmen and Dad get here tonight...I think Tea is coming too. But it will be so fun to have Dad around for the week. And Mom gets here Wednesday night I just wish I didn't work so much so we could hang out. Also my friend from elementary school is getting married on Friday! CRAZY. Sadly it's not going to be a temple wedding but I'm excited for her. She's been through a lot and I'm glad she found a guy that loves her. I'm totally jealous....I want to get married. well not really but I do want a man! Cassie's man just went into the MTC so we spray Victoria's Secret Very Sexy for Him around her room. Mmmm baby that stuff smells like heaven.

This is Eliza and her fiance

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