Monday, June 15, 2009

Wedding Season

Well. Lauren is married. So crazy right? You don't even know. It's so weird, she's my first friend to get married. The next one is younger than me! So weird. But Lauren is off and married to a fine young man named Bryan Ringo. She looked so beautiful and thankfully it's didn't rain while we were taking pictures up in Portland. Sadly pretty much as soon as we got to Bend it started to rain so the reception which was supposed to take place outside took place inside. It was still really fun though. They looked so happy and you could see relief in Gardemama's face. Everything went smoothly even with the rain. While I was waiting for Lauren my friend MaryJane from Provo came to visit. MaryJane is from Portland but she moved to Provo to go to school and work. Now she's back in Portland and I was so excited to get to see her. She's still beautiful too. I'll post some pictures of the wedding.

Channel was kinda fed up with this whole wedding business
My one picture with Lauren

I think I did ballet as a child...look at my feet. I can't help's just how I stand

They got a little fed up with her
Hubby to the rescue

This was really awkward for me to see her touching a boys thigh...

Everyone there for the sealing

The dip kiss


Lauren said...

Woah! The upper thigh even....

Adrienne said...


Dahlia said...

Lauren read my thoughts: Upper thigh at that!
I think you stand cute! I'm glad you're back!