Thursday, June 4, 2009

So good!

So lately life has just been good. I mean I still have my rough days but overall it's been very good.
I got to go to another party at Justin's mansion. It was really fun pretty much the same people always go but it's still fun. I try to talk to more people and be more social. Sometimes it work. Tonight was a really good night though because I was just relaxing there and we spent time sitting out in the lawn chair...which are more comfortable than most and just looking out at the view of Orem and Utah Lake. It was so nice. Next time I'll bring my camera. I think I said that last time...oops. But I was relaxing and what not then I pretty much had a heart attack. but for a good reason no worries :-) Ask if you want details on that...but yes it does have to do with a boy. Gah it was so funny.
But pretty much life is so good. I think the reason it was hard fall/winter was because I was doing nothing with my life. I mean I don't like school but it's a good thing I'm going to school. I think it makes life more bearable. Yes I am working and going to school and doing homework but overall I feel like my life has more balance. Who knows maybe I'll actually get asked on a date this summer!

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