Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Color Wheel

Have you ever had the desire to throw flour at your friends and random people you don't know? How about if it was a rainbow of colors? AND there was sweet music playing too? If you answered yes to these questions WHY WEREN'T YOU AT THE FESTIVAL OF COLORS?! It was amazing this year. We got a big group to go THREE cars. Woo. We had my apartment-Mary :-( Our friend Jon, Ryan, Aaron, Cassie and Angilyn's sister, Amy. We got there and it was a mad house. It was crazy. Melissa and I were smart this year and wore goggles so we could see when there was just a cloud or flour in the air. It was crazy! even though I could see the cloud was so thick I could only see a couple people around me. Imagine trying to breathe during that....You can't. Before they throw they do some "deep breathing exercises" My swimmers lungs for sure helped out. We weren't even in the middle where it was SUPER intense. I don't have many before pictures because people were so excited to throw before but just imagine...my shirt was completely white before.

The best part is after when you're trying to get it out of your hair... Here's a video of how much we had!

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Dahlia said...

goggles were a great idea! I wish I could have gone! Although I don't think it would have been good for Clay. You are too fun!