Monday, March 15, 2010


Well I'm sure you've all heard of the game Dance Dance Revolution but in our ward we have a traditional ward activity called Date Date Revolution. So last year I went to Date Date and this is the post.
So I'll just tell ya how it went. I had one guy pick me up for the date. Then we talked before the whole thing started.
Then date number 2 came. We had salad together then just talked.
Then date number 3 came along with the main course. Lasagna and rolls and more salad
Then date number 4 and dessert-Ice cream and brownies.
And finally date number 5 we took a picture together with cheesy stuff and danced. Then he took me home.
The pictures go in order of each date...well obviously Ang wasn't my date that was after we were done getting ready


I did have fun. It was as fun as last year. :-)

On an even happier note... I GOT A LETTER FROM MARCUS ELLISON!!!!
Marcus used to live in Port Orchard. Then he moved to Hawaii. Then apparently he moved to Oregon. Then we were in the same EFY group...awesome right? So now he's on his mission in Armenia and he gets back in May and I got a letter from him and I'm kinda excited. :-)


Dahlia said...

I think you should hook up with either the guy #2 or #4. Especially with the cool hat! So cute! I'd love to see with them! he he he.

Adrienne said...

Haha 2 is one of my FHE son's and 4 was like dad....