Friday, October 26, 2012

Dress Up!

Tonight to entertain myself I played dress up. I tried on all my formals, expect for my Belle one because that one weighs too much and thought of putting it on made me tired haha. So I tried on all my other formals then I found pictures from when I wore them. It is crazy that they ALL fit better now than they did back in the day. I am inspired by myself. Maybe I can be an inspiration to someone else.

This is Prom 2007, Can we just talk about how TIGHT it was on my boobs... also sorry it's sideways...
July 2009

April 2008

November 2008

August 2009

April 2008
Let me just tell you about this dress. The woman that made it was evil and didn't really make it correctly. So the boning came out and made everyone bleed... so she "fixed it" by putting duct tape over it...yup tape... Oh goodness. PS Look at my Jazz choir letter pin STILL on it 4 years later hahaha
I have no comparison for this picture but can we just talk about how BEAUTIFUL I am. For REALS


Rachel said...

You ARE beautiful! I'm happy for you and you are inspiring to me. :) I need to take better care of myself.

Dahlia said...

Yep! I'm inspired alright!!!