Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's Kind of a Funny Story

So yesterday I was sewing Martha's halloween costume... and I was just hemming it. Nothing major. So I'm sewing her costume and I feel a little poke and I'm like oh that hurt. THEN my machine made that awful sound they do when they go through fabric that's too thick and I was like SERIOUSLY?! Then I looked at my finger and noticed the needle didn't go through thick fabric. It went through thick skin! So I go into my bathroom kinda wiggling the needle sticking out of my skin...because it broke off in my finger and I'm looking at my phone going...who do I call Ui (my boss) or Mindy (my other boss) So I call Mindy and Jamie answers (Jamie as in old roommate, Mindy's daughter, bff) so I tell Jamie what happened and ask her if I should come in and have a doc look at it because it was only 6 so there were still doctors at our office. So Jamie comes to pick me up and I start freaking out a little bit. So I'm a dummy and call White Brandon to come pick me up. Yes, I call the boy that broke up with me a month ago. I knew he was home and being EQP he couldn't turn down a service opportunity. So he drives me to my office as I'm trying not to freak out too much because he doesn't do well with blood or needles and I had both in me and coming out of me...gag So I go into the office and EVERYONE is there laughing at me. Dr. Adams looks at it and says, well lets go pull it out. So we walk by 2 receptionists 3 nurses and Dr Lauret. EVERYONE is laughing at me... and on the bright side I was laughing too... Well I was laugh crying...it's really ugly. So Dr Farnsworth comes in because I'm making a lot of noise with my laugh cry and everyone else is laughing so he wants to check it out. I'm standing in our exam room with my finger not really bleeding and a needle sticking out hugging Jamie (pinching her back...she said my nails were digging into her..oops) Then Crystal (Brett's nurse) came in to hold me from behind just in case I passed out. I'm burrying my head in Jamie's armpit and laugh crying and Dr Adams starts to numb my finger (so painful) then Dr. Lauret pulls the needle out and they just laugh at me. When it's all done I get out of Jamie's shirt and noticed I snotted all over it. I'm such a great friend :-) Oh during the whole being numbed process I said "OH I just want to scream profanities!" It hurt way way bad. So I soak my finger to get all the "bugs" out and Mindy bandages me up. I get my tetanus shot and Jamie brings me home. Such an eventful Monday... Didn't finish Martha's costume either.... shoot.

In the end it took 2 M.D, 1 D.O, 1 P.A and 5 nurses OH and Jamie (couldn't have done it without her!) to help me through my little ordeal...
Moral of the story: watch your fingers when sewing kids! 

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Dahlia said...

Ahahahaha. That's terrible! Poor finger...What's that last picture of, I can't make it out.