Monday, October 22, 2012

Sometimes I doubt...

So the past month of my life has been quite the roller coaster. I have a lot of days of good then moments of bad but overall I've been really good for someone that was just broken up with haha. But tonight we had FHE at our stake president's house and it was really good. We got to know each other a little better and then he shared a spiritual thought.
He shared a video with a story taken from a talk from Elder D. Todd Christofferson (who was at my graduation so I feel like he's extra cool now...) The video is called The Will of God

While watching this I was thinking about how sometimes I do get mad at the Lord and I reprimand him and I say "I was doing so good why did you have to change my plans. I had a whole future set and now I have to start over." President Mackey talked about how sometimes when we pray we don't ask the right questions or we don't accept the right answer because it's not what we want to hear. Immediately I thought about the latest turmoil in my life 1. because he was sitting right across from me and 2. because his reason was "I prayed about it and I feel like I'm not the right guy for you." So I have recently had my little tiff with prayer and felt like sometimes it sucks because it can RUIN lives.
Yes I know I'm a girl I exaggerate sometimes.. I know that prayer is actually a very good thing to keep in your life but anyway back to the story. 
We were talking about Christ and how his plan is better than ours and he knows what he wants us to be and we may think we know but we really don't. We talked about keeping the Lords plan in our prayers and making sure that what we are doing is on the right path. I was thinking about how in my mind I was going to marry Brandon and in my mind that was the best thing for me. It was my great and awesome purpose (wanting to be a fruit tree...if you don't understand watch the video) But Christ has his own plan for me and I am supposed to be a bush and that is good enough.
 I don't really know if this makes sense but you know sometimes you just have those moments when you really get it. You are finally at peace with your life and I think that happened for me tonight. 

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