Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cleanse Day 2

So yesterday was another cleanse day. It was significantly easier than the first cleanse day. The first day I ended up getting a headache (could have just been stress, I'm prone to headaches) but I felt like poop. I also started my period on day 1. So day 1 was just meant to be a terrible day. Sooo lets talk about the flavor of this stuff. I'm not a fruity drink person so when I first tried it I really didn't like it. I watered it down, next time I barely put enough water in, I even made it into a smoothie but I just really didn't like it. The second day the flavor grew on me and I could drink it. I was drinking so much water on the cleanse days it was crazy. I had to pee every 30 minutes. Haha but are you ready for my results?!

I lost 8 pounds and 10.25 inches

Thank you Isagenix I am a believer.

Today is a shake day. I started off with a Vanilla Shake with 1/2 an overripe banana in it. SOOOO delicious. Then for lunch I had a Vanilla Shake with PEANUT BUTTER. I love that I can still enjoy the foods I love. 

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