Thursday, February 7, 2013


Today is day one of my Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse. It's an amazing product with great results. I heard about it from my cousin and she did so great on it. She lost 9 pounds in those 9 days which is pretty incredible for anyone. I did a shake day yesterday which was awesome. Two delicious protein shake (which I learned you can flavor and put other things in AWESOME) and healthy snacks and a REAL meal. That is great. It's all so healthy for you and the shakes are almost entirely lactose free so that helps my bowels a lot. My first cleanse day was difficult because EVERYTHING I saw I wanted to eat. I was so tired of drinking constantly I just wanted solid food! But I just kept eating my snacks and drinking my drinks and alas I survived. I'm so excited about this cleanse and the product and the company. The people are great! If you buy product you can sell it. Who doesn't want to make money off of something they love and are passionate about? If you want more information you can go to my link

I'll keep you updated on my week and eating. This way I'm accountable for what I put in my mouth! 

This is Sandra after her 9 Day Cleanse. She lost 9 pounds and 6.25 inches!

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